Analysis of user’s sense of ownership in SNS operation

Analysis of user’s sense of ownership in SNS operation

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Hello everyone, cool grassroots will call for you today, there is a sense of user’s sense of ownership in the operation of the SNS class website. In the "grassroots evolution" in the third part, we have to have a detailed analysis of user sense, but here we need to recall, what is the sense of ownership? As a concrete example, a sense of ownership is what the users get in our website, such as Sina and micro-blog users will always be how many fans care about their own sense of ownership, in other words, produced in the users on our website have much property, and today we will according to the SNS website’s users have a sense of detail.

count SNS sites users property: "fans" is more than


with the fiery Sina micro-blog, all kinds of SNS site building procedures are integrated into the micro-blog element, and the highlight of which is fans system. Because of the emergence of such procedures, let us grassroots webmaster can make similar to Sina, micro-blog’s SNS class website, not to mention the fans system has penetrated into the hearts of large numbers of users.

in addition to the number of fans, from the current mainstream SNS station program on the market and the development of corresponding plug-in, according to its function can be divided into the following categories, the first is to deepen the application of user relationship types, such as group function, second is the content type application, such as a variety of game plug-in, therefore, we can create for users the sense of ownership can only come from three aspects: the number of fans, social relations and contents.

grassroots attack: did you grab the user’s three point,


micro-blog currently has covered most of the young population, many of them are from micro-blog is like a fish out of water. Micro-blog will die, and the group body covered our SNS site there will be a considerable part of the population belongs to micro-blog. Although our goal is not millions, tens of millions of users, but the problem we face is, with the SNS class site, how can we make our website and Sina, micro-blog in the hearts of users coexistence?. We already know that we can create a sense of ownership for the user, the source is only the number of fans, social relations and content of these three aspects, cool grass roots, then we analyze each of these three aspects.

the first thing we’ll analyze is the vermicelli system. From the analysis of the psychological level, any user have the performance desire, and hope that their performance can be more people to pay attention to, therefore, some in the minds of users, Sina micro-blog for its fans thought has instilled strong. Our operation site is not more than SNS of sina micro-blog in the user base, even Sina micro-blog user base one percent is difficult to achieve, therefore, even if the station user is a user of the fans, so the number of users is also very difficult to exceed its fans in Sina micro-blog fans.

we know that we want to fundamentally upgrade the overall number of users in the station, and we have to constantly upgrade the user base of the site, >

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