have the experience of standing a year to share with you

have the experience of standing a year to share with you

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Hello I’m Chinese international basketball nets webmaster, I have less recently in each big website forum to send my website sponsored posts, although no sponsorship of my website, but I still care about you for full, have left me to encourage certain words, in order to express my thank you, I to share what I do stand experience, I hope a lot of advice.

first of all, I personally think that personal websites should pay attention to the following points. These are complementary and indispensable. First of all, I think, to do a good website, the first is to do a preliminary market research, I dare say, I read this article, a lot of people are not doing a good job of market research, began to do the station. Ha ha, do not admire my judgment ability, because I started to do so. When the Internet did not enter the door, although the Internet does not think it is mysterious, but to do a whole China does not have the station will certainly be a fire, and this is the idea of holding the beginning. Into the door before we know a lot, to do the record. Promotion. Website advertising. The website is linked to the horse… In fact… These are trivial, the key is I found my site do also had to go, when I search keyword ranking website when I appear in the top three, but the flow only a little. Too few people are concerned about me. This is the result of my failure to do market research, and perhaps that’s why many websites have died — no one has done it, and not done it well. My site is on the international basketball terms, perhaps I am not the first to do on the international basketball website, NetEase and Sina and other sites have their own basketball website, but their basketball website content is basically NBA or CBA. Not to do international basketball, maybe they have seen, like to watch basketball, basically love watching NBA, few people pay attention to international basketball.

second is the content of the site, good web content will attract people, the next to visit your website, become your loyal Internet users. I once asked a network company for 8 years of programming personnel, what method can increase the flow of the site, he said a word, that is, do a good job content. I personally think that a good content is to keep users to improve the flow of the only proper course to take. I have a friend who is a referee website, the Chinese referee web site on the 2, he has one, his content is good, the site is divided into 3 parts, web pages, forums, and mall. Want to learn the referee’s friends, basically from Baidu can find his website, need examination questions on his website. What do you do not understand, you can go to his forum to discuss the issue, the referee’s clothes and professional books, rarely on the market rarely buy, to him there are. If you want to test the referee, at least go to its website to go to dozens or hundreds of times to read information, learning is not an exaggeration. A person to go so much back to the one hundred person in ten? Say we understand the truth, we are basically adult websites, the web site in the search engine basically no but this did not affect our desire for adult station, an adult station > no virus

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