How can do a good job on a website

How can do a good job on a website

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information society, everyone needs to show something through the Internet, want to have their own site is easy, the key is how to do a


here, in my personal opinion, have the following points for your reference:

1, lock the customer base: first of all, make sure the website is facing the customer groups, the customer’s age in which range, basically can set the background of the page or some navigation.

2, personalization: a website that doesn’t have a special attraction doesn’t go far, and you can do a little more work on it.

3, quality services: twenty-first Century is the development of the service sector, operating website is operating services.

4, no goods without Germany: customers buy goods, quality requirements are guaranteed, there is also a guarantee of quality, with quality, there is trust, trust is equal to repeat customers.

5, temptation: whether you run what kind of website is undoubtedly customers can remember your website, hope that the customer can think your website in the first time, on your website, want to achieve this point to your head and brains, the customer’s own change, ways of thinking.

6, division of labor management: the operation of a web site is not a person, or two people can complete, as the saying goes, three stooges, a Zhu Geliang.

7, there must be a platform that allows visitors to communicate directly with the webmaster, conditional on the site to establish a forum, or apply for a forum on other sites. No conditions, but also preferably a message book, in addition to consider the establishment of a website QQ group.

8, do not add too many web pages that have nothing to do with web content. It turns out that, unless there are certain types of websites, otherwise, the average personal web site visitor won’t be interested in the large amount of (more than 10) links and the content of the XX chain on your web page. So, set up links to do not affect the overall beauty of the page is appropriate. The website does not put too much advertising, a variety of pages, but will be objectionable.

9, doing a website is a long-term process, if there is no persistent attitude and indomitable will, certainly will not succeed.

I operate the website time is not long, the ability is limited, only to provide the above points for your new webmaster friends to make reference, deficiencies, I hope you criticize me.

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