Sigh ma Alibaba to be as simple as Agam

Sigh ma Alibaba to be as simple as Agam

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read Mr. Sun Yanjun’s "Alibaba Myth – the beautiful new world of Ma Yun.".

I do not know the students remember, 99 years when we just sit in the library, south of the big two, a professor of Australia, said that Ma, B2B, in English, many of them don’t understand, but remember is the professor and his passion of Ma’s recognition and appreciation. With the acquisition of YAHOO, China and Alibaba listed as a world-class CEO, Ma Yun and his personality charm is recognized and appreciated by the world.

Ma Yun, unlike the average entrepreneur, runs a company not to make money, but to do something for society. Otherwise, Alibaba listed, Ma holds only 5% of the shares, and then look at the perfect world, Shanda Chen Tianqiao holding 75%, Baidu’s Robin Li holdings of 25%. During the development of the company, Ma Yun generously distributed his shares to his employees.

Ma Yun is a shrewd, far sighted businessman, but also a patriot. In 1995, when the money is extremely difficult, Ma spend popularizing network knowledge in newspapers, magazines and television advertising, Internet applications, and paid a great enthusiasm and energy, the state should do, while countries still hesitate to the development of the information superhighway. See Ma was in the "people’s Daily" the speech said: "now to quickly seize the commanding heights of the information age, in the operating system and network of Electronic Commerce on the Chinese further behind, then the whole world will be robbed of the foreign devils".

in 2003, Alibaba created Taobao to enter the C2C field, in order to make a head-on attack on eBay to enter the Chinese market, and prevent foreigners from occupying China’s online personal consumption market. It is inconceivable that if eBay eBay succeeds in China, the Chinese money will be greatly lost.

extracts what some Ma said:

see the model is not necessarily the best model, do not see how you make money model, perhaps the best.

because I see this thing, I want to do something. Many young people think about thousands of roads at night and get up in the morning. The key to Chinese entrepreneurship is not because you have good ideas, ideals, or dreams, but whether you are willing to pay for it, go all out to do it and prove it to be right.

the best and most successful ones are often the simplest. It is not easy to do simple things well. Alibaba needs to be as simple as Agam.

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