Small blog big article let your enterprise instantly strong

Small blog big article let your enterprise instantly strong

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we do not indulge in self-admiration blog, write out, we hope that our blog has more potential for our users to find it and pay attention to it, and then to browse it. So, I’ll share with you how to spread out our blog space, in fact, that is how to blog marketing specific methods. Now let me share with you what I learned from

1. Do a good job on blog posts,

1., the title of the article must have something new.

2. applications recommend hot articles.

, 3.IM campaigns, such as QQ, Ali Wangwang, etc.. (group, construction group, character signature).

4. leave a message in a traffic blog. Of course, can not write the words of no importance, such as the "top" and "passing" support "".

two. Blog SEO optimization method

we know that blog is also a web site, each blog is a web page. It must fit into the Baidu or Google search rule. I think, if our blog, if the customer in search of a keyword, in Baidu or Google find, then the flow of the Commission is very helpful. We want to do blog search engine marketing, need to do two steps:

1. submits our blog address to Baidu Google.

first let search engines know the existence of such a blog link address. Here are the specific steps:

opens Baidu – – more – blog search – submit my blog – submit blog

open Google – Google Daquan – products and services – submit your blog – submit blog

After the existence of

2., we consider whether to rank first.

keyword must be an unavoidable question. We are in the blog article, inside the title, we should consider the comprehensiveness of keywords. We can choose according to our own experience, for example, we should consider the difference between the north and the south. We call bikes in the south, bikes in the north and bicycles in the north. Think of it in this way. Well, of course, there is a better way, that is, the use of tools, we can use Baidu index, Google keyword tools. So what are the requirements for keywords in the title and in the text?. Try to have our key words in the title. In the text, the content of the first paragraph is the search engine is more concerned about. We also often update the article in the blog, as much as possible to original or pseudo original.

three. Extended reading

many bloggers to write the article, will add a link at the end. Whether it’s your Taobao store or your own website.

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