Our standard come and see you meet ‘s health network

Our standard come and see you meet ‘s health network

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sexy breast should have good filling degree, with the movement of rhythmic movement, standing or lying, "drop" like the three-dimensional form of beauty.


standard breast shape tall and straight, not sag, flexible and elastic, breast tissue was in the state, not to touch the mass block, but if you touch the breast lobular tissue, also considered normal.

sexy without attractive cleavage. From the perspective of aesthetic fashion, is the cleavage breast plump, healthy and perfect performance, but also the visual focus and self display sign.

7 appearance

beauty standards:

white skin is very important, even if your body is not white skin, but the breast should be properly maintained, because the white and tender breasts are particularly charming.

is located in the 2-6 intercostal, basal diameter of 10-12 cm, basal surface to the nipple height of 5-6 cm, nipple in the fourth intercostal (about arm 1/2), depression and midclavicular line two nipple connection of three points of an isosceles triangle, two papillary intervals of about 20 cm,

3 shape

2 size

is the most perfect breast shape like "Milo Venus" as the hemispherical droplets of breasts. Generally, the height of the milk axis is 5cm, which is almost 90 degrees with the chest wall, which is about 1/2 of the breast basal diameter.

woman is dissatisfied with breast, even for a variety of methods to achieve the purpose of breast, eat, drink, exercise, which will lead to. In fact, the chest is not better, but also have our standard.

5 dynamic sense

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too big breasts must have the risk of sagging, it can be seen that the breast is not necessarily too big good-looking. In fact, women breast is the best palm size. And the two sides should be symmetrical, if a small one that is not beautiful!


4 touch

1 position

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