Sticking to the SNS social networking site is the hardest

Sticking to the SNS social networking site is the hardest

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because of the recent server failure, resulting in 3 days can not access the site, let me have a new understanding of their website, in emotion, I want to share their feelings and the majority of webmaster.

I do SNS website has been almost 2 years, since the first version of UCHOME, in the past 2 years, from the website of SNS SNS to blossom everywhere, numerous close, let me also not feeling that my friendship will decide on what path to follow.

my station is on the line in 2008 June, that time is the concept of SNS just came out not long, I was put on the UCHOME program, and then in the QQ space to send the message to promote my website, the effect was really good, less than 1 months of registered members have more than 3 thousand people. Later, Kang Sheng company attracted attention, is a specialized technical personnel responsible for the friendship network development, I think most of the webmaster like me, there is no way SNS how to make money, but also have to do with the SNS host can support, I was a 200 month VPS now, still used this, I thought that every month to keep standing really hard, then Kang Sheng out of a MANYOU site is used, the members also have to play the game, feel The site is not more than what happy net like bad, ha ha, but did not earn a penny, by GOOGLE advertising is not to earn what money, then simply put the advertising withdrawal, did not expect when the site in the early 2009’s I surprised to find that my roaming platform in the settlement of more than 800 yuan money, then every month to my roaming settlement 3-4 hundred yuan, heart happy, just like the 5 million fall from the sky, thinking about the ordeal was over, but later because the SNS game is the major site of the competition, the others didn’t play a lot of games on the site, straight down to income, this year when almost no income, as a business to do, are difficult to support energy and financial resources, I am ready to turn off the site, then issued a notice information to members, said the friendship network may be closed, but did not think of is I want to give up, they heard the website, are very reluctant, and told me not to give up, and are willing to take me to the web server costs, which makes me very touched, I really did not expect that the friendship network has always been on their attention and love, but I have too little to pay attention to the.

now I have given up the idea of closing the site, but in the website to how to do better, to attract more friends to participate, so I want to do SNS friends to say here, not because we have not found the way to give up the net profit, not because I think our website but smaller than the site and give up, as long as you do, you will love your site member, they are your greatest wealth, success is in sight, this is the article I want to say to you, is the most difficult to insist, don’t give up.


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