Nine reasons why webmasters need to write blogs regularly

Nine reasons why webmasters need to write blogs regularly

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many webmasters are keen on blogging now, including myself.

write Bo webmaster number although many, and each write Bo webmaster to write Bo attitude and purpose is not exactly the same.

I think, whether to have written blog webmaster, or not blog webmaster, an unavoidable question is, why should we write? Or, what is the motivation for writing? This question is asked a little big, because of blogging motivation can be described as thousands of. But we might as well sum up. Make an exchange, ~

I, the expression of demand. Webmasters have the need to express their opinions. Whether you are engaged in what position, which is the industry giants, large or small grassroots or wage earners, boss, or other position, sometimes not every situation can make you most incisive to express their views, and even no opportunity of speaking to you. So, about people, about things, you will have their own views and attitudes, and sometimes even unique ideas. In the past, to express and let whenever and wherever possible regardless of the knowledge, is almost impossible. Now, you can always express, freely express, and broadcast through the social media network.

two, communication needs. The channels of communication for modern people are very broad. Telephone instant messaging, instant messaging software such as QQ, SKYPE, MSN and so on. Blogs can be used as non – instant communication because, after all, sometimes we need non – instant messaging, non – instantaneous communication with pictures, text, and other forms. In a sense, blogs are personal forums and blogs are big forums.

three, shared requirements. Sharing is an important feature of network applications. Because of its simplicity, blogs can allow more common users to share relevant resources. We have many webmaster share their experience and reputation as a tool or method of precedent.

four, record requirements. Many people have record habits, whether personal, work, or emotional. Of course, to the owners, this is particularly important, the webmaster work is heavy and complex, not recording will be a mess, and many work content is privacy, some records can be open. But whatever the requirements record, blogs can do that. Of course, the way you can choose public blog system one can trust, can also choose the right of privacy in relative secrecy independent blog, such as wiordpress etc..

five, display requirements. Everyone shows his needs, and so does any webmaster. Using traditional media shows is sometimes less simple. So, spend money to send a soft text, become modern Adsense propaganda the only way, spend big money to organize propaganda, is also commonly used business strategy. With the advent of the Internet age, the famous traditional media and private space become technically equal and become undifferentiated. Well managed personal blogs are sometimes more influential than famous ones

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