Website was included after Baidu

Website was included after Baidu

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this Wednesday, station was included by Baidu. Experienced 20 days of hard updates and originality. Then I looked at the ad in the station and wanted to call from the background. In the template to see the Internet, and found a new version, and then upgrade directly. Then in the background, blind point, to the Trojan detection. Suspicious files were found. But because ferry included. Happy unusual, deleted directly, and then made a mistake. At that time silly, according to the tips for a long time did not fix it, because the database has just been backed up. Just delete it all! Pass it! Now think about it. It’s a bold decision. However, somehow, data recovery is always wrong. After more than 10 hours of fighting, he was finally restored to success. Relax, only to find that there have been more than 30 hours without sleep, the former is because of pleasure, now Panasonic came to think of one hundred, I was still on the side. Stationmaster net also didn’t come over to see. Now through this article in Olympic Valley, ah. Before the article was actually named the classic soft Wen, left a connection, which moved… Although now GG less than I….BUT….

finally also said a word maybe predecessors said. Do stand original is kingly way, the essence is the capital!


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