Network marketing actual Trader Guangzhou moving company’s network marketing analysis

Network marketing actual Trader Guangzhou moving company’s network marketing analysis

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recently found that he stumbled into a typical online marketing "Red Sea" market when he was working on the Guangzhou moving company". Thought to be the most junior network marketing market, after careful inspection, but found that the competition is a red hot market. In the face of such "super Red Sea", as planned &, how should the performer operate? I would like to talk about our experience. When I received the case, I checked the basic performance of the industry on the network first. The main features are as follows:

one, GOOGLE is too garbage, let’s leave aside, we only check Baidu. Baidu search core keyword "Guangzhou moving company", the basic location of the full price, and occasionally there will be only "promotion link" three positions. Bidding location is the following Guangzhou moving company recruitment information, this is Baidu imitate GOOGLE push a new service, this position has also been a number of Companies in the name of recruitment. Followed by 58 city and 2 other companies location, a total of three natural optimization position, and then the following is Baidu map, this location of course also early by some companies accounted for. Finally, there are other optimizations. Turn 50 pages below, most of which are competing on the home page of the independent web site. Visible competition is fierce and white hot.

two, nature’s top 20 web site analysis. Considering the actual competitive ability, we only analyze the top 20 websites and see who owns these websites and what is the method of operation. Through analysis, we found that the top 20 sites are basically made out of a template. Because the page is simple, so every site’s Baidu collection page is very small, through the WHOIS analysis also found that these 20 sites basically belong to about several different people. Check the page, the basic methods of operation are convergence. Basically is station group and friendship link. In addition to the 20 sites, there are many websites behind the increase in the chain for the top of the site. Although this method is effective, but the convergence of operating practices, it is easy to be Baidu K off, it can be said to be a weakness.

three, in the analysis of the website process, we also found the "Guangzhou mass moving company" this particular key word, this company is Guangzhou’s most famous, reputation, the best, the oldest moving company. It’s also the most expensive moving company. Because the company does not know why, did not do any network marketing, only to carry out offline business. The absence of network marketing, resulting in "Baidu" get together "Guangzhou Volkswagen Moving company" phenomenon. Natural ranking position was completely occupied by various companies, Baidu bid for this also did not manage, trademark infringement is very serious, it is estimated that the public did not directly negotiate with Baidu. In the "Southern Metropolis Daily" classified information in the public company is the largest newspaper classified information version of advertisers, should be moving mass one, the boss of the company more trust in print. At the same time, we can see that the Southern Metropolis Daily is indeed better than Baidu.

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