My campus SNS early experience

My campus SNS early experience

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time flies, in an instant, the past nearly a year, in addition to the dry course, I have no what special feelings for the University, from the lonely I began to spend most of their time on the Internet, after experiencing the enthusiasm of the QQ, do not think what, besides in the Internet is difficult to fully and delightfully. For a moment, feel the loss of money in silence.

on April Fool’s day later, I finally realized my dream to dream, have their own laptop, Lenovo F41A-PT notebook, the feeling is not the same, the game attraction for me is not great, it she was still a rookie, are not very familiar with the computer, play games is a luxury to me, in order to accelerate their own chat speed, no longer a "hello" I spent half an hour, I am crazy talk, in addition to QQ I also give priority to experience the Baidu Hi, chatting to friends is a lot but for a long time to bring their own is a lonely, although friends many, but feel very far away, and thus make real friends think, itself is not very talkative, the network gave me another piece of the sky.

so in the roommate’s recommendation, I know the campus network, that can be found on many classmates and friends, this is a particularly exciting, with extremely looking forward to the first time I entered the campus network, the first is registered, make me depressed is not registered you what information can not see. See only two boxes, the user name and password, but for the first time to tour the school, still hold irritable mood, began a step-by-step registration, activation, and then get the photos, do not get and not registered, or so, we are real people, everyone is real? After that, but was confused a lot of functions get, let me the most depressing is also what code for what CSS, how can I even type a very depressed people get what code, look at other people’s A little space, feel dizzy, not imagined, just feel the page is too monotonous, the other page is too fancy, perhaps these are not advocating school, school main promotion is to find people, looking for the students, in the browsing, I suddenly found that Chen Yufan’s portrait, (a Yu Quan among them, I faint, school) indeed powerful, really is a good network, here also ultimate idol and his dialogue, good, happy to open Chen Yufan’s personal homepage, I was dizzy, what Chen Yufan, a Shanxi University student, strange, the real network is really strange, the picture of Chen Yufan can I know, is not to be teased, disappointed me mercilessly the roommate introduced to the school I swore, and told him not to do in front of me What shit real network.

boring I in Baidu search on related websites, later learned that this form of Web site called SNS, there is a website called Facebook, that is the industry leader, with chances to open the Facebook, I was dizzy, how is.

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