Talk about Chinese O2O again what businesses and businesses have to understand

Talk about Chinese O2O again what businesses and businesses have to understand

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on O2O, there are too many arguments on the Internet, a variety of freshly baked theories and so-called dry goods. Some time ago I also wrote two articles before and after, respectively, "China O2O: how to become a game of death", "Chinese survivors O2O: combat Home Furnishing industry O2O of this article" closed cabinet is the author of third articles about O2O, then approached the two articles about the words, it is a about the vertical field of O2O marketing a thousand words. These three articles, people read the individual industry marketing practices, some people read is thinking of the industry, some people may laugh after reading.

you tell me, don’t have a single content or individual industries to see. Although the article can not arouse a ripple, but also hope to give thought to the Internet people is thinking. To be willing to engage in the field of electricity supplier of traditional industry related personnel, bringing some inspiration and changes in marketing methods. I recommend three articles together, can better understand the good intentions of the author. O2O marketing, in fact, so simple, but it is so difficult!


, O2O, the real meaning of the closed loop for the Internet and industry

yesterday, in Xiamen, I ran into a reader of the first two articles. He asked me why I wrote the home industry, instead of choosing the real estate industry that I knew better. Return to the beginning, for all Internet industry practitioners, O2O operators, enterprises and businesses, the actual meaning is not I completed a closed loop, but must have a deep understanding of the industry, O2O platform, Internet, change from the pope. For Internet practitioners, the industry is your understanding of the opportunity to develop a product suitable for the industry, rather than get into the industry to adapt to your product misunderstanding. For enterprises and businesses, regardless of any O2O or business platform, you can own volume based on the Internet will own brand products, use the platform, with its own value or value beyond their own sales, business income.


is the Internet industry to achieve closed-loop social marketing, word-of-mouth marketing based on Internet products and platforms is one of the closed-loop conditions, but not absolute, no matter how good the product does not translate precise traffic, but also failed.

a lot of people, simply put the online simply as online display, and offline simply as offline experience and transactions, the Internet platform pay more attention to the traffic, and for enterprises and businesses, based on the platform of flow conversion is very important. Here in a certain period of time, there will be a big source of traffic conflict: platform constitutes a very complex, because the KPI assessment data flow relationship, Alexa ranking and the background is very beautiful, but the actual value of the flow is.

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