Where is your foothold in the logistics website

Where is your foothold in the logistics website

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a logistics website, in order to occupy an invincible position in the industry website, I personally talk about my own ideas, there are inadequacies, please point out.

Do the site in the promotion of

, on the site itself, a good logistics site must first have to attract the industry’s "new" logistics information (pallet information, logistics supply and demand information, trade information etc.). The latest information, of course, is to do every day to update as much information as possible, so as to retain old customers, usher in new customers.

now logistics website, in the search engine can find many, most of them are to be quite different, in the words of talent shows itself on these sites, of course to have their own unique website (the original information), and the same site, you have what advantage? The content of the most advantage can pull for visitors, page affinity can not be ignored, if the contents of two similar station, you would prefer to more or less advertising advertising? You can write some articles published on the website, (write it is original), and the information of the industry to find some more hot, for some of their own ideas and with appropriate modifications, can also be said to be their own articles! These can be said to be the method can increase the original website.

to treat yourself as a visitor to browse, browse their own station, you can go to other stations experience and feelings also apply to your station. Of course, the speed of the website, the number of ads and the convenience of browsing are the first to be considered. We should always pay attention to their own similar sites, see what other new tricks, to search our same keywords, if people ranked higher than you, to study how they did it.

web site must be different from the peer site belongs to its own unique features, in addition to the website is the promotion and optimization, I believe you will have a foothold.

here I introduced several good websites, for your reference, Jincheng Logistics Network, logistics network, logistics network in Jiangsu. The www.jctran.com webmaster friendship feeds. Webmaster news list www.admin5.com/top

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