The Taobao deal also needs to be cautious about how the dealer cheats on Taobao’s data transactions

The Taobao deal also needs to be cautious about how the dealer cheats on Taobao’s data transactions

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in June 12th this year, I sold two procedures, a beautiful picture station (, an animation station (, a total turnover of 90 yuan, including program and data and local files, because I am in the sale of Taobao and ADMIN5 program when a program with a professional dealer pleasant experience, in view of the special nature of the transaction data source, so in the sale of program trading made related transactions; because the transaction is without logistics, please do debugging and payment within 2 days after the receipt of payment, not all bad review, to prevent some people buy and sell the program after the program re payment, please understand!

because the Taobao Alipay deal after a 10 day payment payment confirmation time after the completion of the transaction, so I don’t care, I accidentally see above two in station access records found from and to access records, went up a view, found that when the people on the trading day in the sale price program and data I (including 12 ADMIN5 related posts have been deleted, the moderator) Taobao e-mail username and station username exactly the same, according to the person’s contact website and ADMIN5 found the person posting people is the same person, I immediately on the date of the transaction server query download records, found that the download IP and in the two forum people have the site IP is the same person, but I’ve never stop animation Yes, so I am absolutely sure that he is the one who is trading with me.

I contacted the

QQ, let him confirm the payment, but the person denied he bought my program, today is the message on want let me download address, no download required to download address! I now is to provide FTP for him to download, limiting his download IP (he used the server to download).

The use of Taobao

transaction confirmation of payment time of loopholes, after the completion of the transaction did not confirm the payment, are sold by the download address, a detailed record of this in my server to download the record, the two station I have another server download record! He asked me to provide the download address I believe its purpose is obviously again! But I found after inquiry, he has another ID:smt80 on Taobao, he is a ID specifically to buy program, a ID special sale program, if not afraid of his complaint, affect his reputation, why


below is accompanied by relevant evidence:




program download records >

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