Personal Adsense three elements of successful business

Personal Adsense three elements of successful business

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In September 23rd,

has participated in the Internet Conference, the conference also saw everyone from the Internet is very quiet, the opening ceremony did not feel what harvest, is nothing more than to talk about the current situation and prospect about the future of the Internet development, the achievements of the Internet what, to less than 1 hours ran out, and the rest of the time is some Adsense exchange. The evening party at DZ forum was a great success, and listening to the big C (Dai Zhikang) speech was very useful. Through this gathering, I summed up the webmaster to succeed, there are 3 conditions must be many.

The first one is

to know the value of time, the more feel the pain of blind! I know the Internet Success although now will be successful, but they are still not slack, has been very hard for the cause of hard work. For example, the king of Admin5, and now there are 20 people in the team’s operating website, but he has been working every day until 3 o’clock in the morning, second days before 9, on time to the company to work. According to Zhang Xiang, editor of the webmaster magazine, 8 hours off for 3 days when they were busy with their work. Of course, the webmaster stay up need a good body, if you often stay up so hard that you must exercise the body, usually running, playing basketball, what, every webmaster network basic colleagues insist on playing 1-2 hours of basketball exercise. Health is the capital of revolution, if the body is out of business, even if successful, earn more money and what is the use of the.

second opportunities can not be denied, a person’s success requires opportunities, money, as well as opportunities. I remember a philosopher once said: "the opportunity is the devil, it at the entrance of heaven and Hell’s gate." Now the old webmaster have an experience, personal Adsense now less and less opportunities to make money. In fact, there are still opportunities, just to see whether we will grasp. There is a sentence called "thick and thin, thin hair", as long as you usually accumulate more, and lay the foundation for success, I believe that one day when you come to grasp, you can succeed. Of course, the opportunity only those sharp eyed, transient, brave and resolute often make it. Give a simple example: 05 years I query has not registered the domain name, then think about the domain name and domain name combination so long or digital and Pinyin not registered, the IOC later became official website. So the opportunity is equal to anyone, you see, when the opportunity comes, can you seize it, if missed the opportunity, you may never have the opportunity to encounter in your life.

third connections, some people say that connections are financial pulse. Standford Research Center once published a survey report, concluded that: a person earns 12.5% of the money from knowledge, 87.5% from the relationship. Take a look at the successful people around them, they are not alone. Now, the era of personal heroism has passed, and if we want to succeed, we must have more people to support and help. And all this and the network can not be separated. Everyone knows the pictures of Wang and Guo Jijun and the fish that refuses to swim

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