38 health network breast Dafa women the most complete history

38 health network breast Dafa women the most complete history

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to the airport to describe the female figure, is an insult. Today girls will have to stand up to Qi Qijian "chest" big action, specially for you a recognized 38 kinds of breast Dafa, leisurely works.

Effect of

4, celery, walnuts and red beans and other foods containing vitamin E, to help the development of the chest.

3, orange, grape (Vitis food), grapefruit and tomatoes and other foods containing vitamin C, can prevent deformation of the chest.

basic knowledge: a globally recognized standard breast

1, papaya, fish, meat and milk rich in protein (protein food) food, can be healthy chest.

5, broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower oil (oil) and other foods containing vitamin A are beneficial hormone secretion.

9, can also be consumed in order to Huang Jing, angelica, Atractylodes, Poria, carp and ginger and other materials boiled carp soup. Because carp have a physical effect, and can Atractylodes spleen and stomach, combined with down and breast effect.

11, herbal medicine is also good, such as milk and milk ginseng, also has a breast health and diet. These two herbs can strengthen the spleen and stomach, enhance the body’s ability to absorb, contribute to the development of the chest.

8, drink some soup containing Chinese medicines, such as placenta stewed pigeon soup. Materials including placenta, angelica, North flag, red dates and pigeon. Placenta is the placenta, is rich in hormones and hormone; Angelica, red dates and the Northern Qi replenishing qi and blood, while the pigeon has the effect of physical fitness.

7, milk chicken — a chicken stew with add milk, to have breast (breast food) role.

12, also can be the following two drink herbal tea, including the spleen and tea and. The former the latter benefiting qi, nourishing qi, calming. BRANDIED egg jelly with expansion force.

according to reliable survey data show that the size of the chest 34B is the world’s aesthetic standards acceptable to the perfect chest. Of course, in addition to size, the breast is strong, full is also very important. And ensure the full extent of the chest, in addition to the secretion of female pituitary and ovarian estrogen hormone ethanol, the amount of free fat is perfect or not important chest internal factors, which is why every time you lose weight (diet), regardless of the true success, because the cup will lose one the.

, 13 – the BRANDIED BRANDIED eggs, sugar added to cooked eggs, in >

2, soybeans, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame and millet seeds and nuts, is effective breast food, may wish to eat.

10, to drink ginseng decoction pig has nourishing qi and breast.

(a) diet: fish can breast milk Vegetable & Fruit

6, beef, milk, beans and pork liver and other foods containing vitamin B also helps hormone synthesis.

Effect of

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