SNS circle of dark game 09 years who can become SNS boss

SNS circle of dark game 09 years who can become SNS boss

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where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes can not be separated from disputes. On the Internet, many websites scuffle into one, you black me, I black you, make a mess.

last year Baidu CCTV exposure, there are rumors that the Internet is caused by internal strife; happy ( to challenge the campus network in the A new force suddenly rises., SNS circle leader position, has been secretly game SNS circle, after school in feeling threatened, immediately bought the, the original authentic happy net into a copycat then, the majority of Internet users have received many mailboxes signed "happy net" message, the successor is unclear from which the Kaixin001 team is happy net; technical personnel for the team, there is no arena experience of struggle, so no temper can only silently bear all this, the outside world is called low-key. And rape can be regarded as the classic of Chinese internet.

when SNS circle pinch frame Huan, and a hapless appeared, a so-called content construction as the core of the Dzodzo network, naive entered the battlefield. In the financial crisis, got a search result of recruitment, warm response, site traffic soared speed.

as the saying goes, the gun shot bird head, indeed, on the occasion of 315, an obvious copycat reporter, under the banner of "Southern Metropolis Daily" banner, in the Sina blog wrote a copycat version of the fake article, accusing Dzodzo network malicious speculation, and in all the community website in a few days time, this command determined by means of the Internet, for the master, played Dzodzo a Nanbian get to be taken by surprise, and worse than last year on a happy.

maintains the net short-term A new force suddenly rises. who touched a nerve, in the end? Who moved the cheese? All this website hidden behind each other wrestling, quite interesting. 09 years SNS circle who can become the boss? What will appear in subsequent bloody arena? Borrow before have been used to assess the entertainment, to describe the current situation of the Internet, namely — ring true chaos..

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