Mogujie com shopping guide station can do self transformation Everything will be fine

Mogujie com shopping guide station can do self transformation Everything will be fine

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has always been a hot spot for women’s related businesses. Although there is not a real website can achieve large-scale development starting from the female, but I always thought it was just a matter of time, the number of female industry deep commercial potential and a large user is the biggest advantage of its development. At present, similar to, women vertical electric providers have achieved certain results, such as the shopping guide website is also actively growing, we have reason to believe that large capitalization companies next will be generated here.

about, I think everyone is not strange, at first relying on Taobao platform to achieve great development, and its creation of community shopping guide model has given Taobao customers a new idea. But the fall, especially the pure based on Taobao platform products, Ali official did not sit still, watching the grow without management. So Ali official began remediation, a series of restrictions directly to’s performance dampened nearly 20 percentage points. And that leaves thinking about the future.

is familiar with the electricity supplier friends all know, Ali group blocked the crisis in the event, to make a transition to online transactions, in 2014 March the station turnover exceeded 200 million yuan. At present, self-employed shops have reached more than 3000. This is indeed a very good result, in the face of Ali, change operation idea, gradually get rid of dependence on the Taobao platform, while it is building a store is the future ace.

look at the data, has accumulated tens of millions of users, daily browsing amount of billions of dollars, which comes from search engines, social media traffic accounted for only less than 30% of its own traffic accounted for the rise, this platform has formed a high viscosity of online shopping users. This time, will flow as its own platform for the development and consolidation, the effect of natural than simply do shopping guide is more real.

there are indications that the transformation of to do the right, well done, won the time, but also won the opportunities for development, and its future development is bound to be more secure. But there are things we imagine so beautiful? The transformation of did a good job, but in the case of persecution, for the game and Ali official, I think is not a long-term plan. Now has started on the proprietary platform take the fashion line, the user viscosity is also good, but when you to examine this platform, you will find that many of the details are not handled well, the market anticipation are also in the shilly-shally realm.

lacks the soil for trading platforms. The reason why we have been optimistic about, because early to do community shopping guide, has accumulated a large number of loyal fans. Their higher viscosity, for the future transformation of a very strong role in promoting, but also because only shopping guide, can save a lot of infrastructure costs. But now things are different, >

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