The most important reason for a webmaster’s failure is to give up

The most important reason for a webmaster’s failure is to give up

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I am a 18 year old webmaster, but I have been in touch with the website for 2 years. Do not say I am a little ignorant, the following is my own feelings and practice.

I began to do stand 2 years ago, the first station is a self-help, but the binding of the top-level domain, and a large site in two level domain do a connection, then I don’t know what PR, then I knew that the website PR is 4, the domain name is my PR3. And then do Wangzhuan site is not much, there should be only 100 or so, and I this website, this is the second page keywords wangzhuan. Later gave up selling, this is my first site to give up, the buyer did Liuhe color related sites.

later became a forum, why do Wangzhuan forum, because the site is in front of the self-help, function is not good, did not consider what Baidu included, only know to promotion, introduced to others. Later, the site also ranked the keywords Wangzhuan good, do not know is sold or deleted I only know, I bought the 100 space, at least I changed 4 website.

later, I did the non mainstream forum, spent a lot of time updating the forum, and later sold it.

later, I did the download network, just add more than 10 software, day IP300, no management, but also sold.

in the website during I did get referrals Wangzhuan, do get referrals I didn’t earn much money, more than 1 years, to earn thousands of dollars. And my friends including my Wangzhuan, offline, have a monthly income of tens of thousands, and I had almost made more than 10 companies, to the end they did not get what.

in fact, do what is the same, as long as you insist, you can succeed, when I did not go first self-service site to sell the site, I guess I can earn about 100 yuan per day. If I had to do to pull off the assembly line of Wangzhuan, I might have earned hundreds of now.

I have now done 4 websites, CN domain names, no way, cash flow is not coming. If I hadn’t given up and I had the money, I wouldn’t have bought CN. I know the weight of CN is very low.

all this has nothing to do with it: give up, give up, let me fail.

maybe this is God’s arrangement, so that I can learn from my failures. Failure is a success. Without failure, success is impossible. The play behind, Ma said: "tomorrow is cruel, the day after tomorrow is more cruel, and later will be good.".

I hope you do not stand me, don’t sell the station, what sites have development potential.

by all means, giving up is the root of failure.

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