SNS social networking sites play your emotional cards

SNS social networking sites play your emotional cards

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is currently the most active development of SNS social networking sites, showing a huge number of users. Wind and water.

foreign investors are not very optimistic about the forum BBS, they feel that the forum is not expansionary. The development of social networking sites is said to be exponentially increased.

the reason is right. However, the interest and use of Internet users in China is different from that in the United states. The domestic netizens love fun, love match. It’s like walking on the street. If there’s a fight, a crowd of people will be watching. So Chinese forum play still relatively hot. So the SNS social networking site is not very good, and the forum attracts a lot of attention.

how about SNS social networking sites,


has social feelings, and cold social relationships don’t last long. Party, at least there are beauties, social flowers, lubricants do?. We can make social networking a home, warm home, should have greetings, should have encouragement, should also have talk. These three points are indispensable. Chinese netizens are not too love to write things, only when the furious to write large articles. But Chinese people are used to filling out forms. Therefore, the website should set up these three columns, greeting – encouraging – pouring out, guiding Internet users. For a long time, the website has naturally become an online home, there are many friends to care about, is a place to talk about.

SNS social networking sites should also set up a life like column to introduce themselves, from primary school, from college, or after work. Because people like to peek into other people’s secrets, it can also increase the authenticity.

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