Personal talk about website failure

Personal talk about website failure

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I have done some garbage stations, most of them failed, not only the failure of website promotion, but also some failures from the building site. Sum up your failure lesson, hope to be able to give new webmaster a little inspiration,

1, positioning fuzzy, and sometimes do stand for interest, positioning is not clear, see what all want to do, and their ability to reach

2, blindly follow the trend, have done shopping stations, have done web sites, are not very successful, very little income, gave up the

3, lack of perseverance, because it is amateur, just want to earn some money, and three days fishing two days drying nets, update slow and no quality, and lead to web content is scarce,

4 space election is not good, because of the quality of IDC is not very understanding, buy space is very unstable,

5 blind look at experience, often on some webmaster stand to see the article, think oneself learned a lot of things, do stand blind confidence, can’t do solid work on the content of the site. For example, you do an industry website, but very do not understand the industry, but that the site changes how to promote, want to rely on skills, this is not good.

6 alone, no friends,

7 technology is not proficient, by downloading some source code, often think of their own want to do the page, but there is no ability to do, and no friends to help do.

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