MS set up a year valued 300 million why such a cock

MS set up a year valued 300 million why such a cock

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recently, MSI (weimob) has just completed a 30 million financing, announced the valuation is 3 hundred million. The tiger sniffing the invitation, I went to the union headquarters in Shanghai, and their CEO sun Taoyong chatted about micro.

itself is also involved in micro marketing consulting and business services, but also a little understanding of WeChat’s third party service situation, a word to describe the market is "disorder."".

how many of these items are on the market?. In this area to make a useful thing, the development of the technology is not difficult. Website development, ten and a half months to sell a suite of look out. More directly, some marketing companies, climbing the demand of a tyrant customers, outsourcing development, looking for customers to pay, and then the standard price, sell more than one set is profit. It’s not so easy to settle down and make a product when everyone wants to get a slice of it.

according to MSI own account, they are currently the third party service provider WeChat the largest, this point in the micro marketing buddy circle or basic identity. What the MSI in this market stand out in this mess? A conversation, I slightly out behind the rapid development of the micro logic. Compared to the micro products, from a business point of view, this is more interesting to me.

industry wide applicability

"We’ve always seen WeChat as the best user channel," says

Sun Taoyong". This sentence is the basic summary of the MSI entire product development concept.

in my opinion, because I most customers from the Internet or electricity supplier, in the customer to consult me about WeChat public number operation problem, most of them with a clear demand for ROI, so I will recommend the white crow pocket.

pocket pass is the field of ordinary electricity supplier franchise project, the so-called ordinary electricity supplier mainly refers to the B2C electricity supplier. WeChat shop in the erection, data management, payment orders and other issues related to the electricity supplier, pocket pass done quite professional, so that electricity providers can use very comfortable. Personally, I’m more familiar with pocket pass. Plus, white crow’s popularity and reputation in the Internet circle. Besides, pocket pass is still free for the time being. Unless I’m an agent for third other products, I really don’t have any reason to recommend products other than pocket. But the pocket through the service ability of only this one field of electricity providers, not to say that other areas, even belong to the field of electricity providers, but the service flow and the difference between ordinary commercial projects, such as C2B or O2O business electricity supplier, ability can not fit the pocket through the unique needs of the project.

look at msi. In the public account bound MSI, you can see the more than 20 function module, the function module it can be roughly divided into five types:

the first type is the display module. For example, "micro official website", "360 whole"

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