Talking about my three years experience in building a station

Talking about my three years experience in building a station

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first published article, well written, please don’t laugh at me, although I contact the site for three years, but not a successful website, it was sad.

I started building a navigation station, speaking of the navigation station, then I feel so stupid, every page of the website is me from other navigation station preserved with DW editing, it took me two months to do the time, the navigation station did not open how long I have to because the site, no background, too difficult to manage, then simply do not know the program with links.

second is a fashion website, this website is not long off, then I used KingCMS to build, because did not know how to write a template, on the Internet to find a template template code, others are very chaotic, many places do not change, spent a a month is built, then I do not have an article collection, add article, add more than 1000 articles, Baidu also contains hundreds of articles, but the day does not flow to 20IP, then there is no interest in what to do stand.

in the second half of 2006, and began to learn to build mobile phone station, just began to do not understand the technology, in the Empire for a two level domain sub station, at that time I was doing a East, West, where is serious in construction site. In 2007, he began to build independent mobile phone program on the station, casually looking for a cracked version of the mobile phone, because the station of the program are not for money, not money program computer station, mobile phone station quickly, two days to prepare, then the promotion of the website, I have been in those big website to propaganda one day, when the highest flow there are hundreds, then I’ll put some clicks on ads and software, game advertising, earned three or four yuan a month, 2008 to May, because of my station community program using a program, was attacked by a hacker, My site is not backed up every day. A lot of data can not be found, and then I put the site off. At that time, I feel tired, I rest for the first half of the year did not build a station, and later all want to give up the site.

When I went to the station

fine line to see the data, see some Adsense experience and information on SEO, the original SEO can bring a lot of traffic to the site, let me have the confidence to the site, so I was looking for a CMS program, I have only used kingCMS, don’t feel too good, I have a a CMS test, I personally feel that the Kesion CMS easy to use, is not a free version of the SQL database, it is no longer safe to use, the PHP program I have tested several dreams, Empire, phpcms, I know that most people have used a program, but I still chose to use phpcms, his Chinese I love the labels and pieces of function. Procedures to find a good, I began to get the template, because of the time relationship, there is no template to write their own, coupled with their own art is not good, I found a template on the Internet changed. Both programs and templates >

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