The forum never dies can fast food replace the gluttonous feast

The forum never dies can fast food replace the gluttonous feast

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in the past few years the hottest sites in the form of forums, in recent years, gradually by micro-blog, WeChat chase, catch up and catch up with the trend. Do news, but micro-blog forum play time; make friends, forum and WeChat convenient precision too far! Often in the webmaster group saw many webmaster friends complain about today, less amount of post flow is poor, pathetic, the forum has not done well not to do the dead. As a local community station, I often think about this question: the forum has no room to live in? People need forum? Users still need the forum, the forum still has a living space.

1, when a piece of news or events happening in the world, we see on television, in newspapers, news portal, want to communicate with you experience, want to listen to other people say, want to express their views. So we need a forum,

2, as a social phenomenon or principle appear a variety of claims, such as GM is good or bad, what is the meaning of democracy, why the United States so that we aspire to, we do not know who is right and who is lying, we want to hear from you a detailed analysis, especially the understanding of the relevant information from all aspects of scientific principles social ethics, positive counterexamples, and then make their own judgments. So we need a forum.

3, when we want to buy some goods, such as digital camera, milk powder, clothes, do not know what brand what models suitable for their own, do not know which businesses do not know which brand is more reliable, more secure, we want to learn from the experience of people, want to ask them how to correctly use, want to spend money to buy the right the right goods. So we need a forum.

4, when we are interested in some things, such as embroidery, painting, antiques, tea, tourism, novels, movies and the like, want to know more and more professional and more comprehensive information, exchange and interest related people want to, want to get more relevant resources or correct material tools. So we need a forum.

we want to know some professional knowledge or service 5, when, for decoration, management, health counseling, parenting beauty, study in PubMed and other related requirements, we want to know the situation is like, want to know the service to what kind of effect, want to know service advertising is true is false. So we need a forum.

6, when we want to know what’s going on around us, to know what markets are, what restaurants, and where to add content to our lives, it’s easy to know where everyone is playing. So we need a forum.

we want to collect specific resources, such as when 7, electronic books, software, pictures, movies and television, we want to know where the resource is more comprehensive, more secure, more convenient to download, want to know how to better use of these resources. So we need a forum.

then do you need forums at other times? For example, when you want to kill time, you don’t need to

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