The game of serving users’ online takeaway service website

The game of serving users’ online takeaway service website

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online booking industry is being integrated with the development of the domestic Internet, into each of our lives. In particular, the popularity of group buying and the popularity of mobile Internet are changing people’s traditional way of ordering meals. Now, when you want to go out with friends or relatives gobble down when the first thought is to visit the website to see if there is no group purchase, so the group purchase information in terms of delicacy. Or login to the public comment network and other websites to learn about food information and make reservations. As long as you have a network, you can get food information and make reservations anytime and anywhere. Nowadays, online booking has been unable to meet the needs of people. In a fast-paced, efficient way of life, online takeaway room service has become a new needs of the office, home can enjoy online ordering, room service has become a fashion. Online business opportunities and the close integration of the Internet, so that online dining this new type of O2O model in the domestic rise.

Localization of the

GrubHub model is by no means a simple copy of

talking about an online takeaway web site, perhaps one of the first things that comes to mind is an American Web site called GrubHub. The site, which is similar to the originator Groupon, is an online takeaway web site, founded in 2004 and based in Chicago, USA. Through GrubHub, users can check the target restaurant, select the required meals, make orders through the website, confirm orders with GrubHub and contact the dining room, it is very convenient and quick. Currently, GrubHub has invested $11 million in venture capital to achieve profitability. While domestic Internet users envy such convenient online food delivery sites in the United States, the GrubHub model of online meals has been successfully transplanted into the country. At present, a number of online takeaway room service websites have appeared in china.

as office workers, especially long-term office, rarely out of white-collar workers, usually in addition to work, the most tangled is what to eat at noon / evening. No good food outside is better than that at home, which may be the consensus of most office workers. Therefore, many office workers are most entangled with what they eat, where to eat and how to stay fresh every day. Go out to eat, for busy treasuring workers is not worthwhile. And choose to call takeout, face all kinds of takeout food, business card, choice is also a difficult problem. The online takeaway web site, founded on the business opportunity of takeaway dining, is indeed very similar to GrubHub. Like the typical web site of such web sites, users can quickly find their nearest takeout restaurants through a map of their home page. If you don’t get used to the intuitive way of finding maps, you can also filter and search through the restaurant and street name, and display the location on the map. Click on the red label on the map, you can display the restaurant name, address, business hours, menus and other detailed information. The website takes into consideration the needs of the users, and also estimates the range of service and the time of serving the room

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