What is the treatment of breast fibroadenoma health network Chinese women

What is the treatment of breast fibroadenoma health network Chinese women

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liver qi stagnation type: general mass is small, slow development, no red hot, no pain, can push the shift. Can have breast discomfort, chest sigh. Moss thin white, pulse string. Treated by Shugan Jieyu Sanjie, eliminating block method, with Xiaoyaosan, bupleurum 9g, angelica 12g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 12g, snakegourd fruit 15g, pinellia 15g, Radix Curcumae 12g, Cyperus 9g, Shijianchuan 30g, Fritillaria 15g, Okam 30g.

blood stasis phlegm type: the general mass is larger, hard solid wood, heavy fall discomfort. Chest pain distraction, anxious or depressed, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea. Dark red tongue, thin and greasy fur, thin pulse string. Treated with Shugan Huoxue Huatan Sanjie, as the law, with Xiaoyaosan and Taohong Siwu Decoction, medicinal peach 9g, safflower 9g, angelica 12g, Radix Paeoniae Rubra 12g, Curcuma 30g, pangolin 12g, Laminaria 30g, raw Longmu 30g, Shijianchuan 30g Zagreb, August 30g, bupleurum 6G, Poria 12g.

was taking medicine, should pay attention to diet taboo, do not eat cold, greasy, fishy and excitant food; pay attention to menstrual withdrawal; colds and other infectious diseases when they stop taking. If you take a period of Chinese medicine, not only did not shrink the adenoma, and continue to increase, and the growth is relatively rapid, it is appropriate to stop treatment of Chinese medicine, and timely surgery.

in addition to treatment based on syndrome differentiation, there are some commonly used medicines, such as xiaojinpellet, small piece of gold, as well as the hospital preparation according to the prescription of the hospital can be made, under the guidance of a doctor taking, and periodic review.

In addition to

, external treatment therapy for breast fibroadenoma can also be a certain role, such as Yanghe Jiening paste with black back arc posted outside the affected area, or with some blood stasis, phlegm medicine or white wine after the external surface of the skin, may have certain clinical curative effect. But note that external medicine must be used under the guidance of a doctor, never heard of a kind of effective drugs, they own trial, especially some drugs may have certain corrosive and toxic, self use not only can not cure the disease, but will add new disease, cause local skin ulcers, so must not be used.

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