Love station network new function evaluation new function is more heart function

Love station network new function evaluation new function is more heart function

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has since been friends invited to use love stand nets, became his loyal users, almost every day to diagnose their own website, Baidu weight function of love station network is really strong, also let me study easily the opponent’s good traffic sources, develop more effective competition scheme. Recently found love station network and added two new functions comprehensive query and friendship link detection tool, so can’t wait to do the evaluation.

integrated query function

I entered a small station of my own,, and hit the query and returned a lot of values. As shown in Figure:


is ranked first in the world, including traffic estimation, followed by the domain name, age, website speed, SEO information and other basic information. The following is the amount of search engines, and so on. The middle position of a IP station with query information to list the site with IP, which is a good function for the use of virtual host friends can query these sites included your site is not received "implicated", personally think that if love can stand directly in the domain of Baidu behind plus included quantity and Baidu weights more humane.

at the bottom of the tab, there is also a server information, including the basic information server. A comprehensive search, basically solve the webmaster basic diagnosis on a website, was once a day, it is easy to grasp the health of your website, do not have one by one numerical check, save a lot of time.

link detection tool


has a go9go link platform, it’s not hard to swap links, but there’s another problem: the management of links. At present, most of the mainstream tools are testing whether the other side hang their links, do SEO friends all know, if you link to a search engine cheating site, then your site must be affected, so I think a good Links query tool, not only can return the link. Can return to the health of the link.

love station network, this launch of the link detection tool can be a good solution to this problem, casually query a domain name, return as follows:


can see, Links detection tools, love stand nets not only can return to each other if their hanging links and link name, some SEO information can be returned to the other site, also contains Baidu exclusive love stand nets the weight value, the weight of Baidu love station network has been an important indicator to me a website the former has been valued Google PR value, but the PR value updates faster and slower, has largely lost impartiality, the PR value to check the website weight is not more and more reliable. And love Baidu

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