Drops director of operations how to drop subsidies red packets coupons to play the ultimate

Drops director of operations how to drop subsidies red packets coupons to play the ultimate

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drops the road of operation


one, how do you subsidize

?What is the purpose of



first is to cultivate user habits and educate the market. No one used mobile payment, so the first subsidy war, in fact, more market education and user habits education, so that users are accustomed to using App taxi.

second is to increase the active and retention of old users. Many users travel a certain budget, with subsidies, then the number of taxi may be more.

third is to create a reputation for building new users. Use word of mouth via NPS to get more new users. For the old users, if the experience is good, he gradually accustomed to this way of travel, then it will soon be translated into word of mouth marketing, so it can get very rapid growth. For the active users of the old retained and marketing reputation to pull new users, these two aspects is mainly to expand market share.

The three essence of


The most important essence of

subsidies is to get a good user experience of getting subsidies or enjoying the service. Using your products and using your products can produce essential differences. For example, in 2014, when the double 11, drops and fast drops, before the merger, the war is very fierce, bit by bit strategy is not subsidized users, but to subsidize drivers. Because taxis are very limited social resources, in the case of limited social resources, you get the bottleneck point, it is possible to win the war, so we subsidize the driver. Because many users know that fast drops have subsidies, open the fast drop to call. But he found that when he couldn’t reach it, he would open the drops. Therefore, the fast response rate is 20%, while the bit response rate is more than 70%, so at that time, using this strategy to control users, allowing users to get a very good experience. So very important point is not afraid of subsidies, but must allow users to enjoy the subsidy experience, otherwise, these users may only become negative word-of-mouth.

subsidies essence, the second is to let more people know. If you do activities must be done through PR activities to promote, so that more people know, to attract more users, in order to reach their own orders to a certain stage.

third is the amount of subsidies. When the amount of subsidy is high enough, the efficiency of subsidies is very low at that time. For example, 11 yuan subsidy is enough to attract a lot of users. If you fill 13 dollars from 15, the two are mostly white flowers. So subsidies for different people are different, such as big city subsidies 5 to 8 yuan will stimulate him to take a taxi, for small cities lower prices, according to his ability to consume, there will be attenuation.

The three phases of

subsidies and the nature of subsidies


actually, in the age of taxis, we divided the drivers into three categories.


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