From the fair network began large scale layoffs talk about the specificity of website management

From the fair network began large scale layoffs talk about the specificity of website management

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, since last year, Chen Yao since the endorsement of Ganji, a classified information website predators market seems to have suddenly emerged from the internet. Whether it is watching TV, or take the bus, will see Chen Yao over his mouth, shouting: "the market", and then go to the market like the past rural young woman riding a small donkey, this ad is adorable, the effect of people, but a year later, Ganji has business because of mismanagement, began massive layoffs, what makes

so cannot withstand a single blow?Localization of is classified information website, as early as a year ago, Ganji once because Chen Yao donkey advertising is a peer competitor to people network launched a "donkey nets" attack, "200 beat 4 million", once in the industry much raise a Babel of criticism of. At the time of the Ganji is not short of money, so there is no peer opponent "malicious" interception of traffic and make too much reaction. TV advertising and bus entity advertising is expensive, stronghold in the network, this is one reason why not on the Internet by advertising, and from the line to find the target customers, not to mention the classified information website, is not a market! From the beginning, Ganji will to be the largest classified information website, it has the ability to


in a large number of advertising impact, the market network traffic and business received corresponding returns, straight up. After the rapid rise of other classification information website how fate? 58 city as the biggest rival Ganji also increased advertising, as the classification information website, the recruitment of 58 city to compete with Zhaopin, future worries in talent, have their own unique products, rapid rise at the same time, also let more people see the good development space, so the classification of information website, Ganji in the rise of time, its competitors are growing. another competitor people network, more proficient in advertising on the Internet, almost in the media advertising on TV, people can’t see the shadow of the net, but the people on the Internet like the net is very moist, even with such low advertising information, a 15 yuan can post a month, almost every city has a post enterprise, count down, the number of city National People Network? Through the release of information to pay no publisher, the promotion of new members have prizes and other network marketing means, attract new users, the business also will slowly increase.

in the first half of 2011, Ganji took off, the next step? started making money all network project, according to insiders revealed that the second half of, began recruiting, even 200 people a day entry, at the same time, launched a group purchase, wireless, friends, social, short rent, reward, the game more products. These products, regardless of which one has competitors, especially in the last year of the group purchase website, Internet grappling is particularly intense at the end of the year, a number of group purchase website on the verge of collapse! Other social networking sites, gaming sites even if professional team build startling step by step, with what.

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