Brief analysis of domestic short service Airbnb website collection model

Brief analysis of domestic short service Airbnb website collection model

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1, Airbnb profile

Airbnb was founded in August 2008 and is headquartered in California, San Francisco, USA. Airbnb is a travel rental housing community where users can publish and search vacation rental information via online or mobile apps and complete online reservations. Airbnb users across 167 countries, nearly 8000 cities, housing rental information released 50 thousand. AirBnB is called "EBay in housing" by Time". (Via)

Airbnb is Y Combinator incubation project, the previous two rounds of financing, valuation has reached $1 billion:

A round: $7 million 800 thousand investment, investors include Sequoia, Greylock and other

B round: $112 million. Investors include Andreessen, Horowitz, polar bear, DST, Amazon, CEO, Jeff, Bezos and so on.

two and mode analysis

Airbnb is a short rental service, billing by the day rental service, compared with the traditional hotel price is relatively low, due to the short rent service houses are users of personal house, so stay will feel more at home. So the model is essentially offering short rental services to those idle homes that are available to tourists or users with short rental requirements.

three, domestic Airbnb services

love daily rental: short-term rental housing is the focus of the information publishing and online trading site for homeowners and tenants to build the most trusted communication and trading platform.

freely: free network dedicated to creating quality rental life for users. All housing implementation of unified decoration, home appliances configuration. Freely for sharing, the whole rental, high-end rental demand design of a variety of product forms.

, such as the U. S. home: in the United States (Roomorama), you can stay in the United States, Canada and Europe’s most popular cities for short stay, looking for short rental, short rental and short rental apartments. At the same time, you can rent your own house.

ants short rent: launched Airbnb products – short rent, rent short rent online trading platform.

World Tour: housing rent, short rental website, for the country more than 300 city family hotels, youth hostels, short rent apartments, "

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