ntroduction to web interaction design functions of interactive design

ntroduction to web interaction design functions of interactive design

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talked about interactive design in the last section. This chapter focuses on the functions of interaction design – what does interaction designer do specifically?

I. First understand the basic concept of interaction design:

interaction design is a goal oriented design, and all the work is designed around the user’s behavior. Interactive designers through the design of user behavior, so that users more convenient and efficient way to achieve product business goals, access to a pleasant user experience.

II. Location and task of interactive design in the project process:

project process and node:

The refinement of

function is to make the products achieve the acme of perfection in each professional link and improve the competitiveness. If it is to go the process, each link is the task of delivery, the bloated division of labor, in addition to increasing costs and slow down the progress of the project, there is no practical significance. So interaction design needs to be good enough to make this job meaningful.


III. The specific function of interactive design:

As you can see from the diagram above, interactive design does three main things:


define some requirements. Define the information structure and operation flow. Organize the elements of the page and make the prototype demo


define partial requirements

previous inertial thinking is demand, should be responsible for the product personnel, designers only to achieve and improve the interface experience. The real demand for the product comes not only from the business, but also to the emotional needs of the user. In sentiment analysis, interactive majors have advantages, for example:

a promotional module for value-added services, business models might be like this:


takes into account the emotional factors, and the demand model will continue to improve:


above just for example, real product people don’t think the business model so simple. This example is to illustrate the product requirements, design is not just business model, but also need to consider user emotion, user behavior and operational data. When product personnel are not fully considered, the interaction designer has the responsibility to revise and perfect the requirements, so the goal oriented design is complete.

definition framework

This part of

is the core work of interaction designers, the framework design phase I described in the last chapter. The quality of output at this stage has a direct bearing on business objectives and conversion rates. If the frame is confused, then the interface optimizations are not valid. It’s like the aisle design of a large supermarket, such as

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