t takes a strong heart to be SEO

t takes a strong heart to be SEO

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do SEO more than half a month, although the job I do now but the SEO industry the most simple work, also not to join, only half a foot into the threshold SEO industry only, can already feel this really is not easy to do. To be a qualified SEO, you need to have a strong inner heart.

feels that SEO is often abused and thrives on abuse. In the beginning of the hair chain, it is difficult to edit a good post, by way of adding two web links, click to publish – – No. All the contents are not gorgeous, because the two little links lead me half blood, so cast to waste abused injured all over the body. My opening of the chain is so sad, so it was deeply hit.

outside the chain of attack, but SEO personnel suffered a lot of blows in a small part, and the original is also hit the target object. You don’t do SEO you will find that when you contemplate, brains to think of the original, to conceive a whole all around you are not proficient in SEO professional knowledge, when they act like the very deep is how painful. On those days, I searched almost every day in my mind for all the information about SEO, and how I could make myself look professional and lively. These are not enough, I have to make every effort to make my soft Wen title has enough topic, readability, to Madden enough to keep pace with the times. Finally, I have to know their situation, a somewhat satisfied but slightly far fetched the original. I think this is a good dream, who knows the boss yesterday suddenly told me that these questions have great suspicion of plagiarism wide of the mark, and I began to pity, tears ran up, than simply Dou. No way, this is my boss certainly flawed, worse than me, how can I doubt the boss’s judgment, only silently nods, assurance later improved. My original masochistic trip officially started.

there are other aspects that I didn’t pay much attention to at first. For example, included in the article, the effect of the chain, these at the beginning I do not care. Slowly, the more you know about SEO, the more you care about it. First, I think is silly, my article appeared on the website as long as a corresponding version, Baidu will be included, as long as I search the link will automatically jump to the page, then I know now seems too naive. Because I now, the original I write those articles, are Baidu as air, regardless of the direct, spider also does not come. As a result, after a comprehensive inquiry in the SEO, the original collection of our site is not high, the amount of visits is not high, the chain, the chain is not satisfactory, snapshots can not be normal. These, many of these, really torture my heart, heart broken, you can do puzzles. Think of all the hard work these days. Can’t you be sad? I don’t think there’s anything else that can hurt me anymore.


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