How to discuss popular dating forums how to condense popularity

How to discuss popular dating forums how to condense popularity

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  according to the author of a little experience, want to run a forum it will waste time and energy, especially the pre forum no traffic not popular time, are so many friends forum, if you run a kind of friends forum, then the most important job is to attract traffic a, gather popularity. It is more important for the forum forum management, including various online forums and forum activities under the atmosphere, early must spend more time and money to do the Forum promotion, popularity for a forum is too important, so friends forums should how to gather popularity? I think we can work from the following aspects.

 : First: collect the user’s registration information, use QQ and other platforms to gather popularity

  users will fill your information in the QQ registered forum members, now forum program also supports direct use QQ landing, we can collect the forum members of the QQ, and then built several QQ group to gather contacts, many sites have their own official QQ group and micro-blog official. Use QQ group to collect the user, the user in a timely manner to understand the latest information forums, forums can be carried out recently to carry out activities, or to share some of the essence of the post. Encourage you to see, paste, replies, and now there are forums, robots can automatically share forum posts in the group. Add the user QQ will have a bit of trouble, is that some users do not want to enter the group, sometimes we want to give users a little sweetness when you add friends to write "the forum will report certain activities, there are ethical". Later, when the forum does some activities, you can present some small gifts.

 : Second: enrich the content of the forum, create controversial topics to attract users replies

  BBS content and service is the basic to attract users; friends class BBS early flow is very little, can only rely on many moderators to post, replies, of course, the original post is also necessary. What kind of post is the most attractive to users? It’s more effective to make controversial topics. What are the controversial topics that can be created by dating forums? For example: which would you choose, love or bread? What kind of man is a good man? You can find some discussion from other dating websites, and then write some of their comments, let more users to participate in the forum discussions, mainly responsible for the forum version of the atmosphere in the up, a forum is a circle, the circle of people have common characteristics, analysis this group needs to find topics of mutual interest. A forum without a quarrel loses its population.

 : Third: to carry out online and offline activities to further enhance user viscosity

  since it is dating to this forum user forum, of course the biggest goal is to make friends, male compatriots is certainly more, for these men may be the most attractive to them is the forum girl, "

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