Breast eczema need to guard against the 3 step to protect health network

Breast eczema need to guard against the 3 step to protect health network

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is a familiar disease of the human body, all parts of the human body are likely to suffer from eczema, breast is no exception. There are small lumps in the breast, mostly benign tumors, also known as breast fibroma. If the marriage of their own breast on a small lump did not pay attention to, because of pregnancy after marriage, breast acinar hyperplasia, breast enlargement, breast fibroma also increased, at this time there will be a lot of unfavorable factors.

middle-aged women, breast appears "eczema", careful examination, often breast tumors. At the beginning, the nipple and areola outside erythema, itching and pain, often mistaken for nipple eczema treatment, lesions of erosion, often with exudation, and a layer of brown crust, even if the scab off, there will be erosion surface. The nipple and areola of the hard skin, but the skin around the clear boundary. Chest eczema, it will be very uncomfortable, but also harm the chest. Once a woman found nipple eczema like lesions, to timely medical treatment.

3 step care breast eczema

first, build confidence. Chest eczema. Don’t worry too much. Avoid, adverse mental factors, leading to deterioration of the disease. If you want to recover at an early date, be sure to face up to it. In this way, eczema can be cured as soon as possible. Also a healthy growth of the chest.

second, chest eczema, how to care. Daily can eat more bitter gourd. Because the balsam pear contains quinine. With dampness itching, and detoxification effect. Treatment of eczema, a great help.

third, chest eczema words, in the wash, the affected part. Do not use hot water wash. Don’t use excitant strong cleaning products, clean the affected area. Avoid skin irritation. Choose to wear cotton clothes. Other materials of clothing, on the skin, there is a certain degree of irritation. Which is unfavorable to the recovery of eczema patients. In particular, patients with chest eczema, underwear is to choose.

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