Change strategy and improve the soft cultural strength of SEO website

Change strategy and improve the soft cultural strength of SEO website

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in recent years, SEO websites have developed rapidly, and every webmaster has done a lot of work on the SEO website. We see SEO website comprehensive strength in the entire development level has a good expression, such as SEO engine search optimization, target user demand website optimization, SEO keyword optimization, etc.. But in these hard power, soft power should not be overlooked, so when your site in Baidu ranking Xiaoyouchengjiu, this time you have to change the SEO website optimization strategy, when the website operation began to focus on the development and the construction site of SEO soft culture, which in some of the more successful Witkey website can be reflected. Then, when improving the soft cultural strength of SEO website, we should pay attention to those aspects. In this case, the author will put forward some suggestions to share and share with colleagues.

first, pay attention to the introduction of talent, encourage novice innovation

we know the development of the website, besides the overall arrangement of SEOER, there are many websites staff. However, in the development of the soft culture of the website, there is no lack of cultural talent to be introduced. After all, the staff of the website do not have so much energy. When the website is optimized, they can also be distracted by writing. If "the introduction of talent, the staff from other sites directly in cultural creation of words, prone to" in the case of lack of professional time and I do not know "," lied "and" specious "article, although at first glance seemed very content, but is still under the packaging rhetoric therefore, should pay more attention to the introduction of cultural talents, in order to improve the soft power of culture SEO. In addition, some novice when their talents while the lack of social experience, a green hand, but not sticking to formalities in the creation, make culture more creative, so to encourage innovation to improve the soft cultural strength of the novice.

two, strengths and circumvent weaknesses, develop soft culture advantages,

whether an article is attractive or valuable to the user, we have to look at the content and meaning of this article, as well as the overall form and structure of this article. Therefore, we should know the advantages and disadvantages of a successful article, so as to avoid weaknesses and develop the advantages of soft culture. We must first understand the psychological status of the user in the search for information online, the general user, is the pursuit of speed, complete information, concise, if your article and the contrary, is a long and tedious article, although no connotation or value, the user will still be abandoned as trash, this way will lose the meaning to improve the soft cultural strength. So, an article written, concise and comprehensive to focus on key words to focus on striking, valuable content placement, so as to attract users, make SEO website soft culture exerts in the user group.

three, maverick, title set eclectic

in the construction of soft culture, we need to set eye-catching title to attract the user’s eyes, the author in some soft

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