How to do nternet operation marketing well

How to do nternet operation marketing well

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What is the

Internet operation? How to understand? The author thinks that Internet is a big concept, we can split into 2 parts, one is the Internet, one is operation; the Internet is a tool, is a platform, is the channel, is thinking…… .


operation is actually put that thing or your products through a variety of different ways of integrating operation, the normal operation of it up to this point is the author’s understanding, if not to say, welcome to the criticism and correction of


I also searched the Internet, Wikipedia is so explained: "the operation operation is on operation process of plan, organization, implementation and control, which is related to products and services to create the management work is closely related to the. From another point of view, operation management can also refer to the management of the design, operation, evaluation and improvement of the system that produces and provides the main products and services of the company".

everyone can also compare and see, Wikipedia explanation expression of more complete, more rigorous,


let’s chat concept after the next few simple talk about the author’s view, welcome everyone to come together to discuss how to do the operation? We know that operations were divided into several categories, mainly has the user operation, market operation, product operations, business operations, in the operation of several modules.

in fact, no matter what you do, I think there are a few points that are indispensable, but also as an essential ability to operate personnel.

first: there should be an innovative core as the driving force for enterprise progress

The importance of

innovation is known to most people. If we want to achieve long-term vitality, we must be in the forefront. We take a look at today’s world of Internet technology companies, such as Google, Microsoft, Tencent, UBER, etc., behind them are a creative team in operation.

and innovation is behind the people, people constitute the most basic unit of a society. So how can you do something innovative? Let’s take an example, UBER, because it’s really great,

UBER is a what kind of company? Many people may think it is not a taxi software? If you do so, it only shows that you see only the surface, it is not only a taxi software, is also a kind of social life style.

let’s see who beat the radio and radio now. The driver was driving along the road and listening to the radio. Now is listening less, why go to? Must be to think of orders to go, listen to drops, express, UBER these taxi software send request tips, this is to seize the most basic needs of people.


, UBER is the best thing to do. It’s a direct link between people, not only allows you to hit the car, but also makes you feel the experience is great, ha ha >!

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