36 C stores must set up your store qualified

36 C stores must set up your store qualified

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is currently expanding the category has opened a specialty of Inner Mongolia, maternal and child categories of baby carriages, and hand on the beads category of several C shops, because operators are lacking, the new assistant, although the theory to understand a lot of practice, I put up a Its loopholes appeared one after another., compared with the set up shop to him, easy to leak filled, at the same time whether you share it, at what stage, the gaps of collections down is always good, the other 36 points for each expansion would be enough if you write an article for some point interested can say something, I have to share, to today’s topic:

one, about releasing baby aspects,

1. Title Optimization (30 words must be fully written, here will not tell how to find the word, how to group the title of the details, there is a need to see my other articles);

2. baby attributes (must fill in the true, complete, can write all written, or will affect the DSR dynamic score);

3. baby hot (150 words, highlighting their products, selling points, value points);

4. main diagram (super important, with the upper and lower shelf time, directly determine the flow, click through rate, conversion, breaking 0). If the photo is not itself, it is distributed, there will be problems with the main diagram of the same paragraph, and there is no new support to display opportunities. So turn on the light and shadow magic and click Save as "


5. master video;

6. price (try not to directly use the discount price, software discount price, not too high);

7. color (try using the default color of Taobao);

8. baby description (computer side and mobile terminal), have to do well;

9. details navigation (user experience is very important);

10. up and down time (each category nature is different, can be fixed time, also can be adjusted by software).

two, baby optimization,

11. window display (with up and down time, priority display, make good use of);

12. public welfare baby (how much does not matter, the most important thing is the mind must);

13. setting comments polite (stimulate old customers again orders, need to order related promotion software, such as: coupons)

; 14. people have set the award (no effect, but since there is, you do it);

15. mobile phone exclusive (there will be 70% mobile phone from Taobao mobile phone transactions, only this year turnover reached a certain proportion, will not have this function, you can try to solve, such as the opening of train, to mobile phone terminal accurate drainage);

16. sets Taobao VIP (the reputation of the buyer’s weight, must be higher than the new buyer’s weight);

17. first pay later (Consumer Protection >

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