[Earl] do you need a newspaper stationmaster

[Earl] do you need a newspaper stationmaster

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China’s personal Adsense has exceeded 2 million. This data is purely personal data. Ha-ha。 But it’s still the size. On this basis, the cultural industry has not kept pace with it. When a collective reaches 1 million, the corresponding newspapers and magazines will come into being. Car magazines, for example. Fashion magazine. City magazine. Wait a minute, there are millions of them. And people who buy magazines may not get hundreds of thousands of them. Why didn’t the stationmaster appear a corresponding cultural journal at this time?. Let’s analyze it.

one, electronic magazine. "Stationmaster"

"stationmaster" is the electronic magazine that just appeared, and DZ is behind the scenes. Influence is erect. But it’s only an electronic magazine, and everybody reads it. It’s nothing. Not enough to satisfy our desires.

"Z magazine" webmaster webmaster tribes do, is the right appetite, take some flowers to the hatch. Not as good as "webmaster"

two, interview. Poly network

I do not know what the website

, get many webmaster do interviews, said more is less than 10, and is a new web site more influence and visibility is not high, but also make people feel that they are pushing in the hype. Take a look, said some wing words, rookie still have some use.

three, the first IT adsense. Www.deeit.com.cn, this is pretty new. Name the domain name. It’s not AD.

this website did not take long, the backstage does not know who is. But on the whole is not separated from other Webmaster Station mode, the innovation lies in, the data is very new, invited writer, kuping. And several famous commentators have been here. But said the first IT webmaster newspaper, or no entity publications. Originality needs support. However, the procedures used are Web2.0, users can choose their favorite top, you can also bury. This is good. It’s simple。 There is no other burden. Look, it’s their goal to do original, and they have the belief of attracting new generation of webmaster. The potential is good.

four, computer newspaper.

this is the entity, and sometimes send something, about the webmaster, but the drop in the bucket, the webmaster did not learn anything. They mostly report successful people, or speculation fraud successful webmaster. It’s very unpleasant.

all over the world, the stationmaster on the rise, and become a new generation of young people yearning for such a group who are concerned about it, who consider it. We wait and see. Is DZ, or cutting-edge, in the growth of the first IT webmaster newspaper?. Wait and see.

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