Can’t find positioning how do you do marketing

Can’t find positioning how do you do marketing

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network marketing has been overwhelming, but then these network marketing enterprises began to complain, is network marketing in China immature, network marketing in China is not feasible. Well, please look at some excellent cases and bring them great profits through Internet marketing. Can you say that Internet marketing is bad,

?The first step is to do

marketing positioning, if not a good location, you do not know your target customers there, do not understand what your target customer needs? In such fierce competition, part of the network marketing of your money will be daliaoshuipiao.

once a high school classmate told me that his website is ready, let me hurry up and get him some traffic. I feel very strange, and asked him, why you need to visit? He told me that the amount of money is expected to visit! Don’t have access to money? There are many sites popular but because there is no profit and eventually lead to closed ended.

in many people’s understanding, including myself, will fall into such a misunderstanding, network marketing is to give their website popularity, flow. Study the amount of traffic every day. However, this ignores an important question. Your website is to flow to flow? Scary caused your server paralysis? Obviously not! We rely on the web to profit! The website was set up to gain! It reminds me before doing a 400 vitiligo research guide, the first feeling of this website is about vitiligo, but this is for that one? Many doctors mistook her for the exchange of information and access to the information platform for vitiligo. However, this is a hospital web site, the hospital’s aim is to serve patients with vitiligo. So excuse me, there are 100 thousand doctors visit the site every day, what is the benefit of the hospital to the hospital? What is the use of this website? Later after the study, the name of the web site will be changed to vitiligo treatment center in Shanghai, so all of a sudden, the visitors will clear, this is a mechanism for the treatment of vitiligo but, the patient is looking for such a mechanism to relieve their disease. So this site needs to flow is the patient’s visit, his target customer is patients, only such groups can bring economic benefits, only such organizations and websites can be a very good development.

therefore, for each enterprise, network marketing is to do, but please calm down to think about, give your website has a clear positioning, to take the road of marketing.

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