Clever use of classified information sites the traditional industry SEO traffic quickly realized

Clever use of classified information sites the traditional industry SEO traffic quickly realized

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1. I focus on traffic realization and conversion rate research, every 1~2 years to send an article about flow realization of actual combat articles.

2. two years ago, I wrote an article, introduced the decoration industry SEO flow realizable case, today and then write a lawyer industry SEO flow fast realizable method.


3. are traditional industries, are talking about flow realized, but the use of two cases of different methods, it should be said that today’s case is simpler and more efficient.

4., the business model built entirely on the basis of other people’s website, this is a very dangerous thing, but if the cost of this item is low enough, revenue is large enough, then it is worth us to do.

1 [case profile]

since the successful experience of the decoration industry, I started looking for another traditional profession in the end of 2009 to do the test, and finally chose the law profession. Spend the first 1 weeks on the basis of relevant knowledge about law, and then began to choose keywords and publish information on the classified information website, from where I started in Wuhan. The first day of sending information, even second days to receive a large number of QQ consulting, Internet search, I found that the information is very good rankings, classification information website is forced ah. Through QQ communication, I spent a week to understand the basic features and laws of customers, began to find a lawyer on the Internet to discuss cooperation. 60% of the more than 30 lawyers, QQ, are very happy to work together.

, I have no plan and decoration industries according to the Commission, because I know very little about the legal profession, no way for customers to track, and so on some SEOer like flow way (they take the rental rental rental website, I was No. QQ). I don’t know the information obtained much traffic, but it can produce about 20 QQ consulting and monthly can produce four or five calls every day, I put the QQ at a price of 200 yuan / month gave a relatively straightforward lawyer.

completed a preliminary test in Wuhan, I started this method gradually extended to more city, first-tier cities 500 yuan / month, two or three city, 200 yuan / month, small single city rent out, according to the regional rental package. In this way, a website has not been built, just released hundreds of information, you can get nearly monthly income of nearly 10000 yuan. Moreover, this is only brought by a lawyer’s profession.

of course, the information is also required to maintain, such as Ganji, every day to punch in and report once, you can guarantee that I send the message every day can appear in the classification of the home page. The lawyer relationship is also a need to maintain the lawyer to receive daily 20 QQ consulting, more than half are low value, a long time will bother the lawyer, this time on the need for lawyers encouraging me, he stressed, only to improve.

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