Old Xie innovation is the foundation of the survival of the site

Old Xie innovation is the foundation of the survival of the site

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Xie for 5 years and 4 years of webmaster, website promotion and soft service, for some large enterprises promotion, also saw a lot, a lot of experience, want to ADMIN5 this good platform to talk about why the profit will

innovation today!

China website 3 million, in which 3 million do good and fine little, many webmaster do dumpster, or anything, what are, what are not fine, earn a commission advertising alliance, Laoxie think should want to gain the necessary innovation


general webmaster I think you difficult to create a SINA, BAIDU, then we only from the aspect of innovation efforts, so that we can in the 3 million site and now the old Xie, a good friend of the site, its profit means is very good today, the old Xie and share with you, hope to have more the role of.

is now the economic downturn, many college students employment problem is very serious, my friend and he has used this well provided material, out of work, now he said, included on the 4 digits, the old Xie also very happy for him. Www.pxba.com training in Yantai, this is a headquarters, has branches in many city, it is the training and employment mode, advertisers can not only earn training fees, but there are some jobs in advertising, very good ah, every two. College students are also willing to learn, because the opportunity to see in front of, there will be a great momentum.

so, as a good webmaster, there are good ideas, good thinking is how much important!


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