Site analysis of fourth advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse

Site analysis of fourth advanced segmentation Six Meridian Swords pulse

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– new and old visitor segments

‘s segmentation of new and old visitors should be the most commonly used method of analysis in website analysis. New visitors and old visitors have different degrees of awareness and access to the web before they visit the site, so there is a big difference in the behavior and conversion between the two different visitor groups.

For example: a

e-commerce website, many new visitors may browse the "membership page" or "courier"; and the old visitors is not necessary to view this page, they may pay more attention to the "purchase records page" and "logistics information page". As you can see, new visitors mainly rely on exploratory demand for websites, while older visitors mostly know exactly what they want.

how to confirm your site for the two different groups, are provided corresponding content and convenient function? The best way is clearly divided into the two groups, and were on their web content and transformation behavior of comparative analysis of the differences, and put forward their own specific optimization scheme.

(1) true and false "new visitor"

usually site analysis tools through cookie to identify whether the visitor in previously visited sites: a visitor to the website, the website analysis tools to find historical records of cookie, then this is the first time to determine the site, is a "new visitors"; but most of the time is really true… Now, with desktops, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and so on, a lot of online devices are in the minority, and presumably the following scenes are often experienced:

(Bai Tian): at lunch time, in the company of computer Internet on a tablet computer promotional ads, click on the ads into, because I’ve never been here before this website, so you at this time is regarded as a new visitor.

(night): work after dinner, noon to read advertisements, to open their own laptop computer direct search that the type of pad re entered the, although the second visit to the site, but because you never use your notebook computer on the site, so this is still regarded as a you new visitors.

like the above scenario, the website had in mind the visitors are generally direct input URL or search brand word enter again, how to distinguish the real part of the old visitors? May try to add the following filtering conditions in advanced segments:

(1) goes directly to the website

(2) enters the site by searching for brand words

(3) enters

through some affiliate campaigns

because the real new visitors we usually want to segment out should have never been in contact with your brand or website before, so it’s useful to find the optimized website or marketing channel from the behavioral data in this section

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