Why is the campus network so successful

Why is the campus network so successful

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four years ago, have heard of Xiaonei? I think it is not right, you know what is the most know some other dating sites, such as Facebook, some foreign well-known dating sites such as Twitter. When we are immersed in the campus network and convenient search function characters or heady game to steal food, you have to think, why the school network can in a short period of three or four years the rapid rise? I think the reasons are as follows: no more than

first of all, adequate market research and a keen grasp of the crowd. As you all know, the school network is a dating website created mainly for college students, and his grasp of the crowd is wonderful. Their keen observation, college students are not heavy schoolwork, usually no class, want to find something to do to pass the time, and the campus network such a dating site, no doubt gave them an empty heart, a sustenance. On this platform, he can find millions of boring people who have nothing to do but have common topics. Moreover, at that time in the country, there is hardly any special website for college students. After graduation, college students are basically white-collar workers. This has virtually expanded the ranks to white-collar workers. It’s a long shot.

followed by a near perfect propaganda campaign. I remember that when I was a sophomore, the campus network in our school is a way of publicity card, the beginning we all did not pay attention to such a dating, but over time, a man finally registered the account, and then in the group a publicity, a lot of people results have to the school.

again, the constantly improved interface layout and function add. After positioning the move and the user base, the next work is much easier. Because the next need to invest in the user’s good enough. So, the school network continue to introduce a variety of interface, most of which are users find their own source code, and then change the user’s background and the like, in this process, allowing users to experience the joy of hands, this point, the campus network is painstaking. Add, and then many function modules such as voting or forecast, through these, we can more boldly speak their own preferences but also can know the preferences of others, this is equivalent to a certain extent, enhance mutual understanding between friends, of course, more is not willing to leave the school.

finally, the introduction of all kinds of novel but simple little games. I think the game school originally launched although there are a lot of people to play, but the most successful undoubtedly to the number of the happy farm game, almost all the people around me every day to take a little time off your busy schedule to steal food. But once you start to grow vegetables, is almost unable to stop.

for the above four reasons, I think there is no reason why the campus network is not successful,


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