Webmaster website revision must grasp a few problems

Webmaster website revision must grasp a few problems

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every few years, enterprises have to redesign the website design. Sometimes, the company revised the website to take the new strategy or the new product as an opportunity. Sometimes, companies just don’t like the old website for revision. Perhaps the leaders of the enterprise tuned, received negative feedback about the site, or saw new ways of doing things. In many cases, there are always plenty of reasons for website revisions and upgrades.

of course, there are also some minor problems. We often say, "I know, half of our advertising is spent.". I don’t know what part of the spending." That is to say, some of our advertisements produce effects, while some advertisements do not produce results. We are often also looking for which ads work and which ads do not work. There will be fewer problems when tracking and evaluating your goals. But still one aspect will cause problems, and this is the website revision.

comes back to think about the website revision, some have not changed, but there have been many changes. When you finally launch a revamped website, you may focus on several less effective adjustments. In general, there are many things running well on older websites, but not in the new ones. Often, these are not obvious issues, nor will they jump to you from a behavioral site analysis. These attitudes are more obvious in attitude assessment. They do not affect conversion rates, but they may affect offline behavior and long-term feelings of the company and brand. Understand that negative adjustments are not easy to identify, but they can have a big impact on customers who visit the site.

recently, I talked to a top executive of our optimization team about the website revision. He made an analytical study of it. He pointed out that the website revision, just like buying new, expensive kitchen knives. A person after careful study to the store to buy tools, $500. He also revised the website as compared to buying a new car. You expect all the new cars to be perfect, but when you hit the road, you find a lot of disappointments.

companies spend a few months investing in Web sites. As a result, businesses will launch new websites on time and hope everything will be better. But the result is not the case. How do you avoid this problem? The following aspects will help companies avoid the problem of correcting websites:

– have a comprehensive understanding of your current web site. In the clear, your site is now running well in those areas, which aspects of the problem?. To analyze the website, we should consider it from two aspects, behavior and attitude. Create an evaluation baseline for key content on your site.

– testing through the site revision process. On the existing web site, try some new ideas through the site revision program. This is not to say that these adjustments will appear on the new site, but it will give a good indication of where the current site is good and where it is not. Don’t go in only a few ways

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