A small chest female by chest 10 Nirvana ‘s health network

A small chest female by chest 10 Nirvana ‘s health network

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small chest woman is to enhance the chest diligently strive after altitude, we advocate natural breast enhancement, the following is 10 effective private breast trick.

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first strokes – Clip breast

tricks: armpit clip in two books, lift your hands forward to raise, adhere to the arm ache or book fall far, multiple daily exercises. The thickness of the book varies from person to person, so as not to feel uncomfortable.

effectiveness analysis: this method was Taiwan wave God Tang Lin respected.

expert analysis: armpit clip book, hands held before forcing people’s waist, chest. This position helps to exercise chest muscle, upright chest.

second strokes – Hypnosis breast

tricks Xiangjie: tell your "my chest is becoming more and more rich, more upright".

effectiveness analysis: psychologists stressed that the breast is directly retained the traces of women’s psychological growth. In many cases, the decision to grow breasts depends more on the brain. This implies that the relationship with the breast is much closer than we thought, more than the breast fat and glands within the physiological effects.

third strokes – breathing breast

tricks: sit cross legged, two feet close together; two knees down as far as possible, the upper part of the body as far as possible to stretch the arms, as far as possible to straighten out; sniff, shoulders lift control, full extension of the thorax, and abdomen, upper body forward under pressure; upper body tilting to the maximum, hold your breath wait; hold gas, edge of mouth breathing and lift the upper body, arms do not force. Get up and breathe 5 times to do a little adjustment, repeat this action 5-10 times. Respiratory process can stretch the upper abdomen, but the stomach must be tightened. Respiratory rhythm moderate, not too fast or too slow.

effectiveness analysis: the correct breathing method can not only provide adequate oxygen, effectively relieve fatigue, more unexpected effect of breast. Experiments have confirmed that after the practice of breathing exercises in March, the average increase in the chest, while the waist thin.

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fourth strokes – Green Papaya breast

tricks Xiangjie: Green Papaya peeled, seeded, Diced Pork, diced, hot hot fishy. The pot boil water, put ribs, papaya, onion, ginger, cooking wine into, with small fire stew 3 hours, thrown into the salt seasoning food. Special reminder, fresh papaya slightly bitter in winter, is a normal phenomenon, can be at ease to eat.

effectiveness analysis: green papaya is the first breast good fruit, Kelly Lin, Yuku Hsu eat it to breast. Because of the abundant content of papaya enzyme and vitamin A can stimulate female hormone secretion, can help breast, papaya enzyme can decompose protein, promote the body’s absorption of protein, meat collocation is best.

fifth strokes – avocado breast

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