Web site design analysis those who move the registered login details

Web site design analysis those who move the registered login details

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[core tip] 10 impressive login and login page detail design

, Devils, in, the, details

" the devil exists in the details; " this proverb is even more so in design. I believe many people know that there is a website called Littlebigdetails in Tumblr that records some details of interface interaction that many people may not be aware of. Today we chose partial registration and login form example.

for a Web website or mobile application, registration and login user contact is the first step of the product, if this step of the interface and interaction design in some of the details of the new words, can let users feel themselves, can greatly improve the conversion rate of product users.

login two without error


1., which is the Tumblr registration page, hits Start and logs in while registering. This is also true of the old version of Wunderlist in the figure below.


2., and the other alternative Amazon, in order to achieve "let registered users Yi Denglu, so that new users easy to register" purposes, the registered users and new users into one, as follows.


password security tips


3. Geeklist enters the password on the registration page, the right side will prompt for the time it takes to break the password.


similar to the Tumblr registration page and Twitter registration page, but only the specific time to strip and color tips, red means dangerous, green means safety.


4. Gmail login page, enter the old password will prompt the user last time to change the password.


5. Facebook suggest that this point has done well in the password, can not only like Google when the old password will be prompted to change the password of the last time, will the name column directly into account the user’s basic information, want to give you a hint.


dynamic effects / real-time feedback


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