MT thoughtful safe but lost more than it gets

MT thoughtful safe but lost more than it gets

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The two day

webmaster news is about a personal record of the Ministry of hair, here I have to say a few words, the Ministry to the very thoughtful, the idea is very good, but lost is far greater than the Ministry proposed can receive a great effect, but the effect with the owners compared to a greater loss of interests.


website for the problem is necessary, but not for the record can not establish website is not reasonable, if looking for a domain name for the record by the re establishment of pornographic websites, is it legal, whether the site is pornographic website depends on the content of the website, instead of a domain name, the Ministry website content as sample can be replaced with pornographic content, only the establishment of good website can know whether it is normal station or pornography station.

record slow: the domain name for the record in 20 working days, some 1 months of 40 days, the first time the record is often not through, there are a few months a year, if one day can record, owners do not have to spend money to record, record slowly appeared the record business, a domain name 20 yuan 10, website and lost 200 yuan, and the domain name can be traded freely, can also be registered due to delete.

personal forum needs a registered capital of 1 million for the record, I want to say, if I have 1 million I’m not sure I do BBS, BBS maintenance difficult, why, forum posting with pornography forum play, is to shut down, the maintenance cost is very high, in fact, the Ministry is not to the forum the emergence of reactionary language, cannot have the porn things, but as a forum is the emergence of something like these, if there is no legitimate content not someone that webmaster will delete the first time to see after.

record pictures, to verify the information, personal webmaster established websites I believe into most of the cost of not more than 1000 yuan, and establish website is to earn advertising fees, my website is hosted in Shanghai, Guangdong, do I need to go to Shanghai by plane to Guangdong to verify the information you give me IDC, I think most people do not willing to do, earn advertising fees stationmaster mostly because of the poor have no formal job before choosing this line.

website is necessary to put it in this case, in my opinion, no, the majority of pornographic web servers will not be placed in the country, the majority of domain names are not registered in the country. If my domain name for the record, domain name expired, others registered, and others do illegal websites how to do, I believe that as a webmaster more than one domain name, more than one site is not a minority. If a domain name, a space where the region is different, how to do it, 10 web sites to fly around China, how long does it take, really, at that time, the site is estimated to be worthless?.

why the Ministry website formalities complete normal, because the money back, or a word: money, government websites can take taxpayer money to maintain the site, take taxpayer money to go through the formalities, the individual, itself was born poor technology did not find work to choose this road, if so as not to do. I can also choose Taobao, personal.

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