Search landing page optimization techniques and insights

Search landing page optimization techniques and insights

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landing page is what we often say that the target web site or to web site, the first page to see a lot of time is when users access the site, the page is not necessarily the website home page, may also be the product detail page, promotional page or topic page. For the search landing page, the user’s capture area is limited to the search engine, the user is through keyword access, this kind of visitors already belong to more accurate potential customers. These potential customers through the search for specific keywords you set in the search engine, read your written advertising or description, know your product or service, and then enter your site, expect to get further information.

so, how will the traffic? How to improve the site conversion? And how to make the cooperation between the customer and you keep steady by landing page? Website contains capture, conversion, and maintain the three links. With capture, then consider the conversion factor, and landing page is good or bad to determine the important factors of transformation success. Sweet potato blog share some landing page optimization experience:

1, cognitive process: concise, concrete and focused,

how do you usually make strangers? Self introduction? Friends recommend. Anyway, the first impression is very important, though it is a process of understanding each other. You will share your residence, hobbies, professional and other information about each other, let the other party have a preliminary understanding. But obviously, if you offer a lot of information about a lot of personal experience, but they will only have a basic position for you, a general impression, think you, accessible and helpful, or station is very cattle, have the ability, he probably can’t remember what you said specific thing or experience.

same, the user visits a website for the first time also so, you can have a subjective feeling in his heart only. So you need to be very simple, clear, and focused on telling the user the core content. For example, you are selling what products, your qualifications formal, your strength, technology and so on, the specific impression. This point we can refer to large-scale e-commerce sites to learn from, such as Jingdong mall page, Taobao content page. Here, we give a familiar example, Apple’s official website, IPAD2 page:

core theme


(screenshot from Apple’s official website iPad)

is very simple and powerful description of the value proposition of iPad, namely "innovation visible", this is the user experience, is the application of advanced technology, and the text is specific, several functional elements, and users are most concerned about the use of the phrase, a user will be able to see this product the core technology or where selling. Review the entire display page, you can also find the following features: matching high-definition big picture, the whole page color concise, small phrase + explanatory article combination. The emphasis is outstanding, the levels are distinct, and there is one more

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