Silicon Valley calls it common sense website design process principles

Silicon Valley calls it common sense website design process principles

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editor’s note: the original author is Dr. Nir Eyal and Dr. Katy Fike. You may be familiar with Nir Eyal, Katy is an expert in geriatrics, Nir also founded two venture partners in Innovate50, his blog is mainly concerned about the technology and behavior design.

junior entrepreneurs should be aware of the difference between being meticulous and stepping into the mainstream. Here are some of the principles of website design, and Silicon Valley people often disdain to call it "common sense" (Normals)".

How does

introduce web site


doesn’t have to tell users the "how it works" of your web site or "what it is", and of course, there is no need to tell them how wonderful your company is. You need to take the point and tell the user exactly what kind of service you offer. What new users need to know is what services you provide in their lives.

, look at how the Twitter homepage is introduced to new users. It’s neat. Welcome to Twitter. With people you care about, explore the world of change". Facebook, too, "connects you and me, shares life, and does it at Facebook."". Very talented. Now, a junior entrepreneur should know that it’s a good way to tell users when to use them and why they’re useful. For example, through the first two sentences, we can see that Twitter is used to explore changes in the world, Facebook is used to communicate and share.

determines the rendering content

we know you may think: "Facebook and Twitter course can be used to introduce their own fashion statement, because new users go to their website, they already know what the website is". Yes, that’s the point. Most people now hear about a website from other people, and your job is to satisfy the expectations of those people for your website, and the faster and more convincing the service is, of course.

How does

allow new users to fall in love with your web site, which requires a memorable initial experience for them?. Create a guided process that makes them feel like they’re having a nice walk, so users will be happy to know what the current service can do for them.

too many sites in the new registered users will walk away, expectations of their own to explore and discover what to do next. Instead, think of new users as dating your web site, and then through an elegant, intuitive, enjoyable boot process to let them know how the site works. For junior entrepreneurs, learn to begin, control, and make…

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