The website records the pain in my heart forever

The website records the pain in my heart forever

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I am a small webmaster, has been engaged in web design work, until close to the webmaster network, before entering the webmaster world. The graph king "killing website for the 5.1 labor day reading graph king without forgiveness fratricidal", so the feeling.

has been engaged in Web Design for many years. Many websites have been made, and many enterprises, offices and units have been made. But at that time, the requirements of the website announcement issued for a long time, but do not have to record, the site has been running very normal, and occasionally the local network police, business to warn, but also gain some advantage through. So after many years, between the application record, almost all can not pass, the impression, the funny thing is when I choose to fill in the information, identity card, and then input your ID card, how can the. On the contrary, if you use an officer’s card, a random number of input can be passed, but unfortunately, the record has not passed. Because the website can run normally, the thing that puts on record also puts aside.

until 09 years after the Spring Festival, the record center, a paper notice, overdue all the sites have not been closed, I began to worry. So contact IDC, but that IDC is a small agent, a lot of things are not clear. So it took several days before the application was filed. In the process, many times asked IDC to open the website, IDC said: "now the wind is tight, ask if the engine room first opened.". So it has been delayed for more than half a month, all the sites closed during the period.

At the time of the

filing, my website had two access providers, one of whom quickly verified my information, and the other one that took me more than a week to go through. Then, when the local communications authority reviewed the results and said what was wrong, they returned. It’s been wasted in almost 20 days. Later, a private station friend, then rented a server, the site re opened, thanks to the server provided by the friend, actually do not have to log on, the site can be opened properly.

but I have been relying on the chain to maintain the operation of the site, the site closed for some time, included reduced, snapshot update can not keep up, in that PR update, PR all into 0. Is a huge blow, the spirit of XuSanDuo "never give up" spirit, continue to webmaster career. After the application for the record, the former access provider did not verify my information. Rented a friend’s server, after opening the site, want to record, but friends actually do not know the access providers, so give up.

because of the cost problem, in mid April, the replacement of IDC, this is a relatively large IDC, I submitted the filing information, he actually audited immediately. Unfortunately, the record center has not passed my website. I do not understand why my website is regular website, without any illegal information, how can not pass,


no, I don’t want to put on the record, it is. The website records: the pain in my heart forever. If one day I left the webmaster circle, I want to be sure that the filing is caused.

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